Woodchucks Urban Timberwerks is the newest division of our family owned and operated business run by brothers Scott and Robin Himley. The main division of our company, Home Dr’s., Series, LLC, began in 2008, though our experience did not begin there. We have worked in the construction and building supply industry for over 40 years with combined experience as young men working along side our father, who taught us the in and outs of home building, economical use of building supplies, and home efficiency. You can learn more about our history here.

The idea of producing lumber came about during the height of the pandemic that swept across the entire globe in 2020. As contractors we greatly felt the burden of limited supplies at many chains and independent lumber yards; what was once a 1-2 week lead time became 3 weeks, then 4 week, and the wait continued to grow. Projects had to be delayed, clients had to be let down, even pricing for estimates was difficult because many suppliers were afraid to give a price due to the frequency of price rate increases, so the thought came, “What if we produce our own lumber?” Thus began the hunt of a sawmill.

In October 2021, after nearly a year of research, we acquired our Wood-Mizer LT-35 from a local hobbyist, as well as the logs on his lot, and a Wood-Mizer KD150 dehumidifier for a dehumidification kiln.